Rob Talks Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 with Footwear Plus

Evos punches up classic sneaker silhouettes with utilitarian work details. By Angela Velasquez
This fall, men’s brand Evos, a division of CMert USA, Inc. got down to the nitty-gritty business of offering work-inspired sneakers. Taking cues from the ongoing Americana trend in men’s apparel, the Fall ’12 collection includes classic sneaker silhouettes with utilitarian materials like waxed canvas and deep neutral tones.

Evos Designer and Product Developer Rob Stewart wanted to meld his background in skate shoe design with the nostalgic look of retro work gear. A perfect example of both worlds, Stewart notes, is the Bayside, a boat/skate hybrid shoe with hand stitching and rugged work boot lacing. “There’s a lot of looks going on but with a muted color palette, it works,” he says.

Expect to see more hybrid styles next spring in lighter washes as well as boys’ collection. Here, Stewart offers a closer look at the upcoming collection as well as dishes on some personal sneaker faves.

What type of materials will we see in the Spring ’13 collection? Look for a lot of washed canvas, perforated suede and tumble leather trim.

The Cash debuts for Spring ’13 in a range of washed colors.

What about the color palette? Recently, here in Southern California, there were a lot of skate shoes with gaudy bright colors, but I think colors will be toned down. We’re planning to use a lot of neutrals alongside washed colors, like chambray blue and washed navy.

Do you have a favorite style? I’m really excited about the Seattle, a sneaker-inspired retro running shoe from the late ’70s and early ’80s. It harks back to the old New Balance and Nike styles. The shoe is all leather and comes in gray charcoal with a pop of bright red, or a brown-and-tan combination.

Where do you look for inspiration? I like to keep in tune with what’s going on in Japan. It’s a good place to find newness.

How many pairs of sneakers do you own? It’s probably in the 40-pair range.

Which sneaker in your closet is currently getting the most wear? I have a pair of Nike Air Max 1 Safari Packs that came out a couple of years ago. They are one of my favorites because I can’t believe I found a pair—and I got them for only $30. I also love our own all-leather, low profile Fonzie sneaker.

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